MAUSAB - Michigan Association USA Boxing

Welcome to the Michigan Association Website

MAUSAB is the governing body of amateur boxing in the State of Michigan. It is responsible for the administration, development and promotion of Olympic-style boxing within the Michigan LBC (Local Boxing Committee). The Michigan Association-USA Boxing is a not-for-profit organization, managed by a Board of Directors.

The Michigan Association is governed by USA Boxing, the national governing body which oversees a total of 56 LBCs that are presently grouped into 14 geographic regions. These LBCs, along with their athletes, coaches, and officials form the Grassroots Foundation of USA Boxing in the United States.

USA Boxings overall membership is comprised of both male and female members. The Athlete Membership Divisions include members ages 8 through 16 in the Junior Division; members ages 17 through 34 in the Senior Division, and members ages 35 and up in the Master Division. All divisions compete in several competitions yearly within the LBC and also to other LBCs for additional competitions. Those who qualify at State Championship events advance to regional, national, and even international competitions once they reach the elite level.