USA Boxing rules require that all coaches & officials be (re)certified every two (2) years.  If you have not attended a (re)certification clinic in the past two (2) years, you must attend a clinic before you can participate as a coach or official at any sanctioned event.  If your certification is due to expire within the next few months, you should attend this clinic.

NOTE: All coaches and officials must be currently registered to attend any clinic.                                                                                                









Effective October 1, 2018

When considering applying for a sanction, you must meet the requirements of USA Boxing (rule4, page 8 of national rule book). USA Boxing does NOT approve the sanction, but provides the online process for the application (


In addition to, the Michigan LBC requires a minimum of 21 days prior to the event, for applying. Before applying, you first must contact the chief of officials to confirm the date is available, and to obtain the name of the "official in charge" for the event. After the chief of officials has given you the okay to proceed, you must secure a registered USA Boxing physician for the event, and include the physician's name on the sanction application. Also, in the "event info" tab under the sanction application web page, under "description", include the times for weigh ins, physicals, and show time. DO NOT apply for a sanction without first contacting the chief of officials, and expect the sanction will be approved.

Saturday and Sunday, November 2-3, 2019

Host: World's Best Boxing
Event: "Milton McCrory International Boxing Tournament"
Inspector: Cornelius Stevenson
Supervisor: Ansel Stewart

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Host: Azteca Boxing Team
Event: "Azteca Fall Fight Night"
Inspector: Gary Richards
Supervisor: Paul Watson

Saturday and Sunday, November 16-17, 2019

Host: Detroit Diamond Gloves
Event: "Detroit Diamond Gloves 2019"
Location: Harper Woods High School
                  20225 Beaconsfield
                  Harper Woods, MI.  48225
Times: Weigh Ins 8:00am both days
             Physicals 10:00am
             Show Time 1:00pm
Contact: Lawrence Taylor (313)433-2051
Inspector: Joseph Kastely
Supervisor: Paul Watson
Passbooks will not be available at this event.  You must contact the registration chair in advance if you do not have a book.
Without a passbook, current registration card, and current physical exam boxer will not be allowed to weigh in.  

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Host: M.G.G.A.
Event: "19th Annual MGGA Fall Boxing Classic"
Location: St. Mary's Activity Center
                 526 Broadway NW
                 Grand Rapids, MI.  49504
Times: Weigh Ins 1:00pm-3:00pm
             Physicals 5:00pm
             Show Time 7:00pm
Contact: Dennis Shimmell (616)560-8622 or
Inspector: Ed Mosley
Supervisor: Jeff Beran

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Host: A Square Fight Club
Event: "Fight Night/Boxing Showcase"
Location: UA Local #190
                  7920 Jackson Rd.
                  Ann Arbor, MI.  48103
Times: Weigh Ins 2:00pm
             Physicals 4:00pm
             Show Time 5:00pm
Contact: Eric McGuire (734)585-8823 or
Inspector: Ron Cunningham
Supervisor: Joseph Kastely



Saturday, November 30, 2019

Fact Sheet

Host: Saginaw Boxing Club
Event: "Thanksgiving Boxing Bash!!"
Location: Zilwaukee Community Hall
                 530 W. Fisher St.
                 Zilwaukee, MI.  48604
Times: Weigh Ins 10:00-12:00noon
             Show Time 1:30pm
Contact: John O'Brien for pre-matches (630)880-8799
Inspector: Ed Mosley
Supervisor: Spence Carpenter

"2020 Olympic Trials for Boxing and National Championships"                                                                                                             Dec. 7-15, 2019 - Lake Charles, Louisiana


Saturday and Sunday, January 11-12, 2020

Host: Downtown Boxing
Event: "Michigan Silver Gloves 2020"
Location: Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program
                 6445 E. Vernor
                 Detroit, MI.  48207
Times for both days: Weigh Ins 7am-9am
                                    Physicals 11am
                                    Show Time 1:00pm
Contact: Carlo Sweeney (313)334-9600 or


"USA Boxing 2020 Western Elite Qualifier and Regional Open"                                                                                                           March 21-28, 2020 - Reno, Nevada


          "2020 Olympic Games"                                                                                                                                                  July 24-Aug. 9, 2020 - Tokyo, Japan





ALSO: Please have all participating members registered with USA Boxing for the 2019

membership year prior to these events.