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Welcome to the home of Michigan Amateur Boxing, the state affiliation of U.S.A. Boxing in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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On January 6, 2019, Michigan L.B.C. President, Ron Cunningham, announced the 2018 recipients:

Female Boxer of the Year - LaTonya Wingate

Male Boxer of the Year - Joe Hicks

Coach of the Year - Ali El 

"Dale Grable" Official of the Year - Jesse Ascencio

Ron also presented Gary Richards with award for years of volunteer service to the L.B.C.  Gary has served in multiple capacities over the years, as a coach, official, president, vice-president, and registration chair, to name a few.  Thank you for your leadership, service, and most of all, your friendship!

Winners of the "2018 Michigan L.B.C. Championships"

LaTonya Wingate


Jessica Brown

Lance Smith

Ra'keem Campbell

Oleh Krysynski

Marlon Harrington